Yoga, Dance, Massage & More.

The Templo Do Ser has regular scheduled activities in its weekly schedule. We offer Yoga, Dance and Tai Chi Pai Lin classes. Our massage therapists are experts in various types of physical treatments that revitalize the body, relax the mind and nourish the Soul. The personalized body treatments can be requested according to the needs of our visitors.


Yoga is a practice for the expansion of consciousness that works on the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual levels. It cultivates Awareness, it allows you to quiet the mind and surrender control to a Higher Source.

Yoga is a way of nurturing wholeness, remembering wholeness and recognizing this wholeness in all Creation.


Dance is one of the oldest forms of human expression of ritualistic and sacred origin. It is also considered as knowledge, art and religion. Dance transcends and connects to the human soul and the rhythmic, organic and fluid nature of the universe. Its essential function is to bring awareness to every cell in the body and the to connect to the ecstasy and celebration of being alive.


Templo Do Ser offers relaxing therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic massage, traditional Thai massage, Bioenergetic massage, lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology, muscle relaxation, body awareness, stretching and drainage. All techniques aim to reconnect the body, mind and soul to Universal Consciousness.

The Templo Do Ser offers our visitors a memorable spiritual retreat that will attune their body to Heart Centeredness and reconnect their essence to the Cosmic Consciousness.

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