The Templo Do Ser team has chosen to present for sale the most amazing, artistic and beautiful pieces of craftsmanship.  The Boutique’s collection displays affordably priced accessories, cosmetics, art, jewelry, organic natural products and even poetry. All aspects of our Boutique support a simple and organic elegance that are in alignment with a “Higher” perspective of consciousness.

The Boutique also seeks to promote a significant service, emphasizing the quality of social relations and respecting both ends of the consumer chain: producers and end consumers. We seek to offer quality at a truthful price, to treasure our merchandise and preserve sustainable and responsible consumption.

Conscious, Green and Responsible use of the products on display is the intent of the ecological practices that Templo Do Ser seeks to support in its Boutique.

More information can be found at the telephone number 12 99736 3846 or by e-mail