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Partner retreat: Ricardo Barbato

22 August @ 2:00 pm - 25 August @ 12:00 pm

reConheSER 2.0

Detox // Movement // Nature // Connection

An appointment for you to reconnect with your body, observe your mind and make peace with your heart.

There will be 4 days of recognition and connection through emancipatory practices, experiences and protocols.

Our goal is to offer an experience for everyone who wants to have a more harmonious, conscious, healthy and connected life.

The pillars of the reConheSER program are:

– clean eating

– connections

– physical practices

– sleep hygiene

– contemplative appreciation

Mornings begin with MUVYOGA practices to wake up and prepare the body.

We then broke the fast with a delicious breakfast.

During the day we will have some experiences and free time to contemplate, integrate, and enjoy.

MUVYOGA morning practices will give you the autonomy to practice anywhere. This modality works on strength, flexibility, agility and coordination.

The menu will be clean, tasty and vegetarian.

Our goal is to offer your body a nutritious detox protocol that helps you gain a practical understanding of the importance of healthy eating for your vitality.

The place needs no comments, but if you have any questions, just browse the website to check out more details about this paradise that will host us.

You don’t have to be practically a yoga practitioner. Just like you don’t need to be anything different from what you already are.

This is an invitation to everyone who wants to spend a few days in nature, eating well, exercising, adjusting their sleep and interacting with people who are living phases and going through similar processes.

Thank you for your trust and see you soon.

Date:  8/2024 22 tô 25

Facilitator: Ricardo Barbato

Instagram: @ricardo.barbato

Registration: https://payment-link.pagar.me/pl_914K3VPlorg6NOGFvqsKN0QO7aBEqWDd

Ricardo Barbato

Trained in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Based. and Vedanta scholar.

His curiosity to explore new possibilities, improving practice formats that simultaneously offered bodily and mental results and enabled new perceptions about life to be accessed.

It was a great challenge that brought Yoga into Ricardo Barbato’s life, initially as a way of resolving a painful equation in relation to his professional future, a moment that would represent the beginning of his life.

Carrier of wellness projects in Europe and Asia, providing practices and sharing his understanding regarding conscious consumption and the impact of our choices on our lives.

With humility and devotion, Ricardo continues in search of knowledge that frees and alleviates our journey, seeking to gradually eliminate the ignorance that imprisons and separates us.

We continue together.

We are one

Ricardo Barbato, 38 years old, is passionate about nature and has been a physical activity enthusiast since he was young.

For almost two decades, he has dedicated himself to training and physical activities, exploring the body’s potential as a means of expression, expansion and connection.

8 years ago, Ricardo became a yoga teacher and in 2020 he founded the reConheSER program, a detox, movement, contact with nature and reconnection program.

More recently he structured the MUVYOGA project, an innovative method that combines strength, flexibility, agility and coordination, promoting an integral balance between body and mind.

Ricardo is dedicated to teaching and sharing his knowledge, seeking to inspire others to explore their physical and mental limits through conscious practice.


22 August @ 2:00 pm
25 August @ 12:00 pm