Mana Bistro

Mana Bistro aims to offer our customers a culinary experience carefully planned and directed towards the realization of harmony between all aspects of Self.

We believe that healthy and natural eating is our main source of nutrition and energy for our body. Choosing to prepare and eat consciously supports the balance and alignment between body, mind and Spirit.

The choice and selection of products used in preparation of our dishes, the refinement and sophistication of our restaurant environment and our personalized service is our conscious intent.

We always give preference to supporting local farmers who provide us with quality ingredients: organic, natural and fresh. The menu content of Mana Bistrô can vary according to the seasonality of the ingredients and their properties, but is always translated into healthy and natural meals prepared with much love and dedication.

The ambiance of the restaurant has been designed in detail to be inviting and relaxing. Our staff is pleased to honor our valued guests’ and support their choice of staying at Templo Do Ser. We take pleasure in fulfilling the variety and desires of their tastes; and to prepare their food and serve them with Love.

Open to the public from 12 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday. Reservations by phone: 12 997363846, 12 3894-1296 or