Ilhabela is an environment conducive to the development of reconnection technologies due to its unique magnetism, since it is a volcanic geological formation of 5 million years. It is one of the only Brazilian marine archipelago municipalities and has one of the most rugged landscapes of the Brazilian coastal region, with all the characteristics of a young relief. The climate is tropical moist or tropical Atlantic coastal. The high biodiversity of the Atlantic forest makes the island a unique and paradisiac place, one of the most coveted destinations of the coast for its beautiful beaches, waterfalls and green areas.

The Temple

The Templo Do Ser is integrated with the nature of the Atlantic forest of Ilhabela, with its organic architecture and natural materials that seek to interact with its surroundings. Its interior seeks in the function its form and has as final result the nature in harmony with the human being. All in tune with our spiritual retreats.

Our heated swimming pool and SPA are surrounded by a warm environment and the Atlantic Forest that contribute even more to Relaxation, Contemplation and Reconnection.

Enjoy our Healing Room with our massage team. We offer relaxing therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic massage, traditional Thai massage, bioenergetic massage, modeling massage, lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology, classic massage, muscle relaxation, body awareness, stretching and drainage. All techniques aim to reconnect the body, mind and soul to the universe.

At Nia Lounge our lectures and workshops take place. Cozy and very comfortable, it was designed, decorated and furnished in order to provide moments of relaxation, contemplation and pleasant conviviality.

We also have a great Hall of Experiences, where magic happens. Our yoga practices, experiences, dances, meditations and much more in a large hall equipped with TV, sound system, carpets, cubes, pocket safes and yoga chairs with air conditioning.

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