The secluded Island of Illabela, located off the coast of Brazil, is a 5 million year old Volcanic geological formation with few tourists and many waterfalls. The tropical climate coupled together with one of the most rugged landscapes of the lush costal Atlantic Forest makes it one of Brazil’s prime marine habitats. Ilhabela is definitely a unique paradise and one of the most sought-after destinations for its desired beautiful beaches, waterfalls and tropical environments.

The Temple

The Templo Do Ser is a visionary creation that serves as a Spiritual Retreat fostering the connection with your Divine origin.

The Temple is surrounded in nature by the organic architecture of the coastal Atlantic forest. Its enchanting physical structure and captivating interior is in harmony with the high vibrational energy of the environment.

The Retreat offers the opportunity for you to relax from the outside world in our heated swimming pool and spa that is immersed in a tropical setting that supports Rejuvenation and Radiance.

In the Healing Room, our highly trained massage team presents a multitude of therapeutic massages that includes: Soothing Classic, Ayurvedic, Thai and Bioenergetic. Also available is Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Reflexology, Body Awareness and Stretching. All modalities aim to reconnect, balance and align the body, mind and spirit to Universal Consciousness.

In the comfort and welcoming space of both the Nia Lounge is where our lectures and workshops take place. It was specifically designed to enhance your transformational experience.

We also created the magical Great Hall of Experiences. Yoga, dances, meditations and insightful events are presented in this captivating hall equipped with air conditioning, TV, sound systems, carpets, cubes, pocket safes and Yoga chairs.

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