The Templo Do Ser offers Life Shifting Spiritual Experiences

Reconnecting to Universal Consciousness

The wholeness and intent of our Spiritual Retreat is to awaken your Consciousness of Being. Templo Do Ser serves as a portal that welcomes your Embracement to a Higher Realm of Awareness. Your personal experiential Journey takes you on a transformational path of believing to embodying the Blessed state of Oneness and your realization to your interconnectedness with All Life at all times. The connection to Universal Consciousness, in your physical form, is the ultimate gift the Soul gives to itself. 

Our conscious and mindful facilitators are supportive of the High vibrational environment of the Templo Do Ser. They lovingly help and guide you in raising your vibrational frequency that is reflective of a heightened level of Awareness in your Divine process of ascension.  The life changing holistic therapy programs and modalities offered: integrative medicine, natural nutrition, meditation, yoga, dance, music, gardening, vegetarian cooking, organic architecture and Quantum Activation serve as a pathway upon which all aspects of your multidimensional self unite in Oneness.

The Templo Do Sers’ healing environment, beautiful appointed sleeping accommodations, practices, therapies, healthy eating, relaxation and activities combine to form a set of experiences that harmonize and resonate with your inner being.

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