Founded on the five principles of Being.

Respect, Responsibility, Quality, Confidence & Courage

The Templo Do Ser is a Spiritual Retreat

Aspiring to reconnect the Mind to the Universe.

Our purpose is to awaken the Consciousness of Being, reconnecting body, mind and soul to the universe through our spiritual retreat.

Our conscience facilitators are responsible for the intentional and vibrational environment of the Templo Do Ser and will help you with love to experience true freedom of Being through spiritual retreat with experiences such as holistic therapies, integrative medicine, natural nutrition, meditation, yoga, dance , music, quantum activation, gardening, vegetarian cooking and organic architecture, and more.

We provide a spiritual retreat combining accommodation, practices, therapies, healthy eating, relaxation and activities that combine to form a set of experiences that provide in-depth contact with your inner being. The Templo Do Ser values the learning that really makes the difference and seeks to create Experiences that bring pleasant and striking learning.

Our Vision…

Is To Reconnect, Embrace and Embody Universal Consciousness and live in the “Oneness” of the experience

About Cecilia Peres

Cecilia is an inspiration of Love devoted to embracing the divinity of all creation. Her consciousness embraces the Art of Being and is reflective in the foundation and Loving energy that permeates the Templo Do Ser.  Cecilias’ connection with the Divine guided her to instill five main principles that supports the core essence of the Temple : Respect, Responsibility, Quality, Confidence and Courage. Cecilia was Blessed with the inspiration and motivation to create, for all that seek a Higher perspective, a portal to Divine Consciousness: Templo Do Ser.