About the Templo

Reconnection, Charm and Experience

The Templo Do Ser is a visionary creation that offers people a welcoming and peaceful place, where they can feel at home.

Our philosophy seeks in a unique and special way to lead those who allow themselves, on a journey of self-knowledge, providing alternatives for the improvement of human consciousness, serving as a Spiritual Retreat.

Through love and based on the five Principles of Creation: Respect, Responsibility, Quality, Trust and Courage, the Templo elevates people to a stage of balance and alignment of body, mind and spirit.

Naturally surrounded by the organic architecture of the Atlantic Forest, each corner of the Templo is in harmony with the high vibrational energy of the environment.

In our space, we promote artistic, cultural and scientific-educational experiences as well as national and international retreats and exchanges.

The Templo Do Ser is the legacy that our founder Cecilia Peres will leave for generations to come. Currently residing in Kauai, Hawaii, Cecilia brought to the Temple not only the influence of the Hawaiian style, but also techniques applied in therapies at House of Live Hale Ola. For her, Templo Do Ser is dedicated for people to reconnect with your divinity. That’s why, from accommodation, food, experiences and even the contact of our employees with the regulars, they follow the same purpose.

During retreats, we also offer the opportunity for you to relax from the outside world in our pool and Jacuzzi.

At House of Live, our highly trained therapists present a multitude of therapies aimed at reconnecting, balancing and aligning body, mind and spirit.

In the Nia Lounge space, our awareness talks and workshops take place. Cozy and very comfortable, this little corner was designed, decorated and furnished to enhance your transformation experience.

We also created a magical Experience Hall. Illuminating experiences are presented in this space, equipped with air conditioning, TV, sound systems, rugs, cubes, bolsters, zafus and Yoga chairs.

Our opening hours are from Wednesday to Monday – 24 hours.

On Tuesdays we close for maintenance

For more information, call +55 12 99736 3846 or email info@templodoser.org.