About the Templo

Reconnection, Charm and Experience

The Templo Do Ser is a non-profit and holy place aiming to connect people with nature and its divinity. All incomes are fully reapplied into the place maintenance. The only result we look forward to is the transformation of those who participate in our retreats and experiences.

The Templo is a visionary creation that offers people a welcoming and peaceful place where they can feel at their home. It is a place that aims to awaken the Consciousness of Being through the connection between the body, mind and the universe with retreats of purification and spiritual elevation.

Our philosophy seeks in a unique and special way to lead those who allow themselves, on a journey of self-knowledge, providing alternatives for the improvement of human consciousness, serving as a Spiritual Retreat. The environment offers liberating experiences with Yoga, holistic therapies, interactive medicine, dance, music, Quantum Activation and conscious eating (lacto-egg-vegetarian nutrition) combined with accommodation in the midst of an organic architecture within the Atlantic Forest of Ilhabela (SP).

Mais informações pelo telefone 12 99736 3846 ou pelo e-mail info@templodoser.org.