Hale Ola House of Life

A Place of Healing and Wellness

Enter a truly magical place reserved exclusively for your health and well-being – Hale Ola House of Life. This space in the heart of Templo Do Ser is dedicated to holistic therapies, invigorating baths, transforming massages and rejuvenating foot baths. Let yourself be involved in a unique and revitalizing experience, where the harmony of nature combines with ancient healing practices.

One of the most unique and captivating experiences at Hale Ola House is the renowned Templo Do Ser Massage. This massage was developed exclusively by Templo Do Ser, inspired by the traditional Hawaiian medicine “Lomi Lomi”. Based on the four elements of nature – earth, water, air and fire – this technique aims to bring balance between body, mind and soul.

The Templo Do Ser Massage is a harmonious dance of long, continuous and flowing strokes that envelop the body in a wave of deep relaxation. With movements inspired by nature, this massage is like a gentle breeze that caresses the skin, allowing tensions to dissolve and the body to find its natural state of balance.

To further elevate the experience of the Templo Do Ser Massage, we added the special touch of the foot bath and crystals. The foot bath is an ancient practice that helps revitalize the feet, bringing deep relaxation and well-being to the entire body. Crystals, in turn, have the power to balance and align the chakras, restoring vital energy and promoting a sense of internal harmony.

At Hale Ola House Of Life, the Templo Do Ser Massage becomes a journey of balance and renewal, where every detail is carefully planned to provide a holistic wellness experience. Allow yourself to be carried away by the ancient wisdom of Hawaiian techniques.

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