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Structure, Ambience and Staff

Reserve your transformative Retreat at Templo Do Ser

Discover a unique and enchanting space to hold retreats that will change the lives of its participants. Templo Do Ser offers a completely personalized experience. All retreats held at Templo Do Ser have the support and monitoring of Coordinator Cris Heimpel. Get to know our exclusive facilities and fall in love with every detail.

Living Room Hale Luana

Connection with the Sacred

Imagine conducting yoga, dance and meditation practices in a truly inspiring environment. The Hale Luana living room is a true gem, with capacity for 25 people, fully equipped with a sound system and TV, air conditioning, yoga mats, blocks and chairs. It is the perfect setting to provide transformative experiences.

Hale Ola House of Life

The Inner Healing Space

Hale Ola House of Life is a truly miraculous place, reserved exclusively for holistic therapies, baths, massages and foot baths. Here, your retreats will have the opportunity to delve even deeper into the inner healing process, providing moments of reflection and self-care for each participant.

Hale Nia Lounge

The Haven of Relaxation

The Hale Nia Lounge is a cozy and comfortable place designed to provide relaxation and interaction. With capacity for up to 25 people, this pace is ideal for group activities, workshops or simply for moments of introspection.

Natural Harmony

Explore the grounds of ​​Templo Do Ser

Our outdoor area is one of beauty and tranquility, it features a pool filled from the waterfall, treated with salt for a unique experience. The heated Jacuzzi is perfect for moments of rest and contemplation. The outdoor area is the ideal space for bonfires and parties, creating magical atmosphere.

Hale Moe Moe Rest House

Comfort and Integration with Nature

Our suite options at the Hale Moe Moe Rest House accommodates a total of 19 people, with 3 triple suites and 5 doubles, including exclusive suites for couples. All accommodations have been carefully equipped with central water heating, air conditioning, a minibar and Wi-Fi, ensuring comfort and convenience. In addition, the panoramic balconies provide stunning views of the Atlantic Forest, connecting directly with the surrounding nature.

For facilitators, we have a double room attached to the Templo, perfect for accommodating those leading the retreat.

Sabor Do Ser Bistro

Conscious and Delicious Food

Sabor Do Ser Bistro is a delight for the senses, offering mindful food prepared with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. With capacity for up to 25 people, our menu includes vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free options, ensuring that each meal is a nutritious and pleasurable experience.

At Templo Do Ser, we believe in the uniqueness of each retreat and facilitator. Therefore, we offer the possibility of total customization, adapting every detail to meet your specific needs. In addition, we can include extra services such as transfers from Guarulhos or Congonhas airport to Ilhabela, boat trips, exclusive jeeps, water activities, guides, photographers, musicians and all the necessary support to make your retreat truly unique and unforgettable.

Come and experience the magic and transforming energy of Templo Do Ser. Contact us now and together we will create an extraordinary retreat, tailored to you and your participants. Open the doors to a new level of awareness and inner growth!


E-mail: eventos@templodoser.org

Phone: +55 11 99222-5132

Talk to: Cris Heimpel