Structure, Ambience and Staff

We have for rent a complete infrastructure for practices of spiritual retreats.

Hale Luana Experiences Room

Capacity for 25 people, equipped with air conditioning, TV, sound system, carpets, cubes and yoga chairs, yoga practices, dances and meditations are performed.

Hale Ola House of Life

More than 20 holistic treatments and therapies are offered, such as the ‘Massage Templo Do Ser’, a technique developed exclusively for the Templo based on the ‘Lomi Lomi’ massage, part of traditional Hawaiian medicine.

Hale Nia Lounge

Space for lectures and workshops. Cozy and very comfortable, with a capacity for up to 15 people, the space was designed, decorated and furnished in order to provide moments of relaxation, contemplation and pleasant conviviality.

Pool and Jacuzzi

Surrounded by a welcoming environment and the Atlantic Forest that contribute even more to relaxation, contemplation and reconnection.

Hale Moe Moe Rest House

We have options of suites that accommodate a total of 19 people, with single beds, Queen Size and King Size, Egyptian cotton sheets, bath linen and vegan amenities. Our suites are equipped with central water heating, air conditioning, minibar, Wi-Fi and balconies with panoramic views of the Atlantic Forest.

Sabor Do Ser

We provide a gastronomic experience based on the concepts of well-being and conscious eating that nourishes and takes care of the body, which is a sacred temple.

The ambience of Sabor Do Ser was designed in detail to be inviting and relaxing, complementing the experience of being in a Temple. Our team is pleased to honor our guests, catering to a variety of desires and tastes; preparing their food and serving them with love.

We especially enjoy hosting events whose information has the potential to really make a difference in the world and that create remarkable learning experiences for the participants.

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