Sabor Do Ser Bistro

An Experience that Feeds the Body and Soul

At Sabor Do Ser Bistro, led by Chef Vinicius Orfali, we provide a unique gastronomic experience based on the values ​​and care of the body as a true sacred temple. At Templo Do Ser we believe in balance and alignment between body, mind and spirit through conscious choice of food. Therefore, our cuisine is focused on natural ingredients, both from our local vegetable garden and from regional producers, guaranteeing fresh and healthy products.

Our menu is vegetarian, but we also offer vegan options to suit everyone’s preferences and needs. Our dishes are carefully prepared, considering the seasonality of the ingredients and their properties, to guarantee balanced and nutritious meals, always created with love and dedication.

In addition to the delicious food, the dining room environment is carefully designed to be inviting and relaxing. Every detail has been thought of to provide a welcoming space where you can enjoy your meals in a peaceful and inspiring setting.

At Sabor Do Ser Bistro, we value the power of conscious eating to nourish the body and warm the heart. We believe that real food is an essential source of energy and well-being. Come live this unique experience of flavors, aromas and sensations.