Sabor Do Ser

Conscious and Natural Eating

Sabor do Ser provides a gastronomic experience based on the concepts of well-being and conscious eating that nourishes and takes care of the body, which is a sacred temple.

Living what we eat is one of the proposals of Templo Do Ser. We value organic food, as we believe that natural food is our main source of nutrition and energy. Choosing to prepare and eat consciously relates to balance and alignment between body, mind and spirit.

The ingredients used in our cuisine arrive fresh from our garden and from local producers, guaranteeing organic and natural products.

Food at Sabor do Ser is ovo-lacto-vegetarian, but we also offer vegan options. The dishes may vary according to the seasonality of the ingredients and their properties, but it is always translated into healthy and natural meals prepared with a lot of love, because real food nourishes our body and warms the heart.

The dining room environment has been designed in detail to be inviting and relaxing, complementing the experience of retreating into a Temple.

For information, call +55 12 99736 3846 or email