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Discover the magic of Ilhabela, a true tropical paradise that captivates hearts with its dazzling beauty and invigorating energy. Located on the north coast of São Paulo, this charming island is the ideal destination for those requiring a special place to host inspiring and transformative retreats.

Ilhabela is surrounded by a rich and lush Atlantic Forest, offering a stunning setting for nature lovers. The abundance of trails, waterfalls and idyllic beaches make the island the perfect place to connect with the natural beauty of Nature where one can find inner harmony.

The tourist attractions in Ilhabela go beyond breathtaking landscapes. The island is a true sanctuary with a diversity of unique species. Enthusiasts of ecological tourism can marvel at bird watching, enjoy boat trips to spot whales, as well as diving to discover the rich marine biodiversity.

For those looking for an extra dose of adrenaline, Ilhabela offers a wide range of outdoor activities. From water sports like stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking to trekking and mountain biking along the island’s challenging trails. Every moment will be an opportunity to reconnect with nature and with yourself.

The combination of exuberant nature, tourist attractions, welcoming infrastructure, and vibrant energy makes the island a truly special place for retreats.

Choose Ilhabela as your getaway for inspiring retreats and immerse yourself in the beauty of this tropical paradise.

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Ilhabela Attractions

Ilhabela has dozens of beaches each one more beautiful than the other! Some are more urban while others are more wild. Among the most famous are: Feiticeira, Praia Grande, Julião, Curral and Veloso in the south of the island; Jabaquara, Barreiros, Sino and Viana in the north; Bonete, Castelhanos and Eustáquio on the other side of the island, with more difficult access.

There are also many waterfalls to choose from on the island . Some are very easy to reach while others take more work. The most visited are: Três Tombos, Lage, Paquetá and Veloso in the south; Água Branca and Toca in the central region of the Island; Boi and Friagem in the north; Cacheira do Gato on Castelhanos beach; Areado waterfall on the trail to Bonete.

Ilhabela has great places to dive. You can observe several marine species in addition to shipwrecks and beautiful underwater landscapes. There are points indicated for advanced divers and also for novice divers. We highlight the Ilha das Cabras, the shipwrecks in the south of the island and the Alcatrazes Archipelago, but there are many options to be explored underwater.

In addition to visits to the popular beaches and waterfalls tourism in Ilhabela also offers several outdoor activities. You can choose between walking the trails of the Atlantic Forest, taking motorized jeep or boat trips, snorkeling or scuba diving, visiting the viewpoints, trying birdwatching or fishing, sailing or rowing in the canal, and also enjoying the shows and festivals.

Ilhabella also has many historic attractions. The Historic Center of the Village offers a visit to the past with its colonial mansions, the Church Nossa Senhora D´Ajuda and Bom Sucesso, the old jail and Forum of Ilhabela, the Waldemar Belisário museum, and the charming Rua Do Meio. There is also the external circuit of Fazenda Engenho D’água, listed by IPHAN and CONDEPHAAT.

The Ferry

Access to Ilhabela is provided by the ferry that leaves from the São Sebastião terminal. The crossing is generally smooth. But it may happen that the weather conditions delay the service so that the number of cars causes long boarding lines.

To check the conditions of the live ferry visit the Travessias da Dersa website here.

And to reserve a time and avoid any lines access the Appointed Time here.