Spiritual Retreat

Reception, Learning and Elevation

Being at Templo Do Ser works as a spiritual retreat. This retreat experience combines accommodations, living, holistic therapies, healthy eating and relaxation individually or in a group.

The Hale Moe Moe rest house welcomes those who seek tranquility and peace with comfortable and private accommodation, reproducing a cozy atmosphere so that everyone feels at home. With an organic architecture that interacts with the Atlantic Forest around it, the result is an environment of balance and peace between nature and human beings.

We have options with single beds, Queen Size and King Size, bath linen and vegan amenities. All equipped with central water heating, air conditioning, minibar, wi-fi internet and balconies with panoramic views of the Atlantic Forest.

Mornings begin with a nutritious, tasty and healthy breakfast that prioritizes organic, natural and homemade foods, promoting vitality and contributing to a routine of conscious care for the body.

Throughout the day, you can enjoy spaces designed for meditation, yoga and even therapies guided by a resident therapist.

The retreats are an opportunity to work on very intimate issues that for different reasons are dormant or that influence your days. Therefore, the objective of spiritual retreats, individual or in groups, involves the awakening of the Consciousness of the Being. Immersion makes it possible to achieve healing, rescue creative power, learn to deal with emotions and other needs of our body, mind and a more conscious life.

The healing environment of Templo Do Ser, cozy accommodations, experiences, therapies, healthy eating, relaxation and combined activities form a set that harmonizes and offers unique experiences.

For more information, call +55 12 99736 3846 or email info@templodoser.org