Spiritual Retreat

Reception, Learning and Elevation

Retreats are an opportunity for us to work on very intimate issues that for different reasons lie dormant within us that influence our days. That is why the purpose of our spiritual retreat is to awaken the Consciousness of Being with programs that apply to all of your senses.

Conducting a personal journey of experiences and discoveries takes each participant to a state of transformation and reconnection with their divinity. Immersion makes it possible to achieve healing, rescue creative power, learn to deal with emotions and other needs of our body, mind and spirit for a more conscious life.

With a highly vibrational environment that reflects the harmony of nature that surrounds us, our consciousness facilitators assist in this process of self-knowledge in a loving way directing the process of ascension to the Divine.

Holistic therapy programs and modalities involve integrative medicine, natural nutrition, meditation, yoga, dance, music, gardening, vegetarian cuisine, organic architecture and quantum activation.

The healing environment of Templo Do Ser, cozy accommodations, practices, therapies, healthy eating, relaxation and combined activities form a set of experiences that harmonize and offer unique experiences for everyone who takes the time to explore themselves here.