Tropical salad R$36.00 Mix of leaves, cashew nuts, fresh and artisanal seasoned ricotta, seasonal fruit and tropical sauce (house sauce, based on yellow mustard and cane molasses).

Fatuche salad R$25.00 Mix of leaves, cherry tomatoes, slices of Japanese cucumber, radish, mint, crutons and fatuche sauce (house sauce, based on lemon and zataar).

Potatoes <img class="alignend wp-image-10087" src="" alt="vegan" width="24" height="26" /> R$38.00 Stick potatoes with crispy skin, baked in the oven drizzled in organic olive oil and rosemary. (portion 400gr) Accompany: vegan mayonnaise and organic ketchup.

Cone without Siri R$20.00 4 units of delicious crab-free cones, made with fresh mushrooms, coconut milk, palm oil and lots of love